Our Team

Our team of talented and skilled minds

MOBicure is a digital health company that provides mobile technology solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare problems plaguing Nigeria and Africa.

We are a‎ digital health company creating solutions that make use of mobile technology devices and tools such as phones, tablets, SMS, apps, Interactive Voice Recordings (IVRs) and videos to solve some of the most pressing healthcare problems facing developing countries, especially with regards to sexual & reproductive health, as well as maternal & child health. Our products are: the myPaddi & the OMOMi app.

OMOMi app provides pregnant women and mothers with access to life-saving maternal and child health information, as well as access to doctors at the touch of a button.

myPaddi app provides young people with access to accurate, unbiased and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health information, while ensuring they remain totally anonymous. The app also connects these young people to health professionals in a real-time chat.

Meet Our Team

Our team of talented and skilled minds

Dr. Emmanuel Owobu


Dr. Charles Akihimien


Adele Clement

Head of Operations & Marketing Lead

Etinosa Justice

Product Designer

Osamu Ekhator

Senior Content Manager

Sonia Azeta

Chief Idea Officer

Olawunmi Sanusi

Head of E-Commerce

Amen Odiase


Dr. Nnamdi

Resident Doctor

Cynthia Odiase

Brand Designer

Melody Eghelen

Product Manager

Dickson Ochimana

Finance Officer

Shulammite Erhumwunsee

Content Manager